Straight Edge Striping was founded in March, 2000 by Andrew Altobelli. After a long apprenticeship
program in the striping industry, Mr. Altobelli realized his goals would be best realized by starting his own business. His vision was to grow a company with the ability to service the new construction industry,
meeting the rigid demand of its clients. By maintaining uncompromising levels of integrity, service and quality, Straight Edge Striping was able to develop a core base of clients and employees which helped to foster its growth within the parking lot industry, as well as other markets.

In our third year in business, Straight Edge Striping expanded its scope of work to include roadways. This new exposure allowed the company many opportunities to service a much larger client base. In the last few years, the company has grown exponentially. What started out as a two person operation is now a multi-million dollar business that continues on its path of success with a full-time work force of more than 40 employees. Today, the company continues to grow and branch out into new markets to meet the needs of our clients and secure longevity in an unsteady economy.

Straight Edge Striping employs a staff of experienced foremen and operators who are astute at both
reading blue prints and understanding necessary regulatory requirements within roads and parking lots. They are able to navigate obstacles and get jobs completed correctly and in a timely manner. Familiar with the various products available, key personnel are highly trained in specific material applications such as paint, epoxy, thermoplastic, and tape to meet the demanding needs of a constantly changing market. With a forever expanding fleet of the most technologically advanced equipment available, Straight Edge Striping has been able to test the boundaries of quality, efficiency and material output, to better help service each and every client.

Finally, as a company which recognizes its responsibilities to the heath and safety of both its employees and the environment, Straight Edge Striping has implemented rigid policies to serve those needs.
Employees are educated on the various materials they use and the proper methods of disposal. Waste materials are safely contained and recycled. Within our office, a paperless environment has been
integrated into our daily routine to help in our efforts to ”Go Green”.

It will not be the rough road to success that defines this company, but the marks that we leave along the way


201 Wilton Avenue, Middlesex, NJ 08846   Phone: 732.302.3001   Fax: 732.469.4812