Coal-tar emulsion sealer is a water-based product which is applied to asphalt surfaces to provide an extended service life and to add an aesthetic appeal. Commonly applied through the use of a wand or spray bar, it may also be applied using a squeegee. Application rates may vary based on specific needs but typically ranges around .30 mils in thickness.

Sealcoating is considered to be a very cost effective way to prolong the service life of asphalt. It protects the surface from the UV rays of the sun, which deplete the oils from the asphalt, making it less pliable. It also serves as a membrane which protects against oil and other solvents which impact the integrity of the asphalt. In addition, sealcoating provides aesthetic appeal which can be immediately recognized.

The application of coal-tar emulsion sealers can be utilized in a number of different sectors. Most commonly used in parking lots for retail and office facilities, it has also found value at airports, schools and even roadways. Considering its cost, sealcoating proves to be a valuable tool in preserving the life of more expensive asphalt.

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