Long-Life Thermoplastic is a molten material, which is heated to 400 degrees and applied to the surface by either the extruded or spray method. When sprayed, the application mil thickness is .30 mils. When extruded, the most common mil thickness is .90 mils. Application for Long-Life Thermoplastic can be performed by either walk behind units or truck mounted equipment.

Long-Life Thermoplastic is the most versatile of all the traffic marking materials used. Most commonly seen on township, county roads and state highways, it is also utilized in the parking lot industry. Due to its ability to be applied with walk behind units, it allows for the application of parking stalls, directional arrows, crosswalks, stop bars, in addition to many other pavement marking items.

This material is in the higher price spectrum but provides an excellent service life in comparison to other products. Since the material is heated to such a high temperature, it is able to fuse with the asphalt, ensuring excellent adhesion. The material dries within one minute of its application, making it ideal for high volume traffic areas.

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